Welcome to our website

Founded in 2009, choosing the right name that reflected our goals and principles as an organization was easy. In 2010, we chose to identify ourselves as The SAMARITAN  RIDERS of Washington State (SROWA).

The Samaritan Riders are NOT a motorcycle enthusiast organization. We are not a social organization. We are not a Motorcycle Club, nor are we a Motorcycle Ministry, or Christian Ministry. We, as an organization, welcome ALL religions. It is a fact that most all religions promote “goodwill towards man” which is the basis on which this organization was founded.

The  Samaritan Riders National wish to be of service to our local communities by providing relief of its poor, distressed and underprivileged children. 

Our short term measure of success will be to bridge the gap between  rural living disparities and helping those children disadvantaged by life circumstances – regardless of where they live. 

We strive to establish a National coalition of Samaritan Riders State Master Charters  throughout The United States using the working model we have established here in Washington State.

Our long term goal will be to have achieved a global charitable network  of Samaritan Rider-like organizations with similar visions of service for their communities.